The quintessential Fechtschule location: The Heilsbrunner Hof in 1623

Fechtschule der Klopffechter, 1623

This 17th-century copper engraving memorializes a Fechtschule (here in the sense of public fencing contest) of the obscure Klopffechter brotherhood that took place in Nürnberg’s Heilsbrunner Hof in 1623.


The last Fechtschule

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The heraldic symbols of the Marxbrüder and Federfechter: Lion and Griffin

This early 18th-century copperplate depicts a late Fechtschule of the Marxbrüder and Federfechter. It is one of the latest documents of a contest between the members of these urban Central European fighting guilds… before they were replaced by the Schützenfeste marksmanship competitions of the shooting guilds.

Here, the Lion of St. Mark and the Griffin of the Federfechter still preside over the event at the rear of the hall… (more…)